Episode 114 // Reggie Miller (Hall of Fame Basketball Player/MTBer/USAC BoD)


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It’s not every day that WGTHO has a Hall of Fame, Top 50 NBA player of all time on our show… BUT WE DO TODAY! Reggie Miller is all of the aforementioned plus a veteran MTBer. Reggie sits on the Board of Directors at USAC and focuses on diversity initiatives and engagements within the organization. Naturally we touched on that topic, the NBA Finals and Reggie’s sweet new Moot YSL that he just picked up in Steamboat Springs. Reggie was participating in the Ranch Rally in Steamboat which is a bike event that supports the ranchers in the area but Reggie was also able to direct some of those proceeds towards cycling at HBCUs as well. We covered the gamut in this episode. It was a fun one as always. Enjoy.

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