136. What’s Your Favourite Entrée?


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What unbelievable chemistry... which Mitch did not study at university despite reports to the contrary. A special part of this episode is speaking to the "Worst Streaker of All Time". It honestly felt like we had a celebrity on. Here is how it went:

2:30 - Return of the Worst Streaker.

8:05 - Font for Ants.

11:30 - Information for the Pub.

12:17 - The Aim of Basketball.

14:06 - Jordan De Goey and Bali.

16:30 - Kane Cornes Serve.

21:44 - What's so good about Bali?

26:10 - Leigh's Bombshell.

28:00 - Is Dessert the worst of the meals?

30:14 - Where are the main meals?

34:35 - You're a Quizzard Gode.

43:56 - You're in for a Tweet.

47:11 - Pre Goal Celebrations?

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