135. Is Swallowing Gum Bad For You?


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We found out that Gode is really not a fan of Kelly Clarkson. And we had that many Social Sin Bin nominations we had to split them into two! We also have our first disagreement ever. This is how it went:

1:19 - Rogue Pick Up Line.

4:00 - Social Sin Bin.

6:05 - Mitch accused of being a misogynist.

8:38 - Gode's Lettuce Jokes.

9:57 - Joke of the Day.

10:50 - Chewing Gum is expensive.

15:20 - Saffron is more expensive than Gold.

16:56 - How good were our State of Origin predictions?

19:50 - Bailey Smith.

21:50 - Mental Health Social Sin Bin.

32:00 - Give you a listening to!

39:26 - James with one of the great questions.

43:50 - You're in for a Tweet.

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