134. Who Runs The World?


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We spoke to Tim who is running around the world... we are being quite genuine. It is a world record attempt. Here is how the episode went:

1:45 - Undies or Free balling?

3:57 - Simpsons.

5:08 - Anniversaries.

09:25 - Joke of the Day.

12:00 - Tim Runs The World.

19:50 - 50 pairs of shoes.

25:00 - Charities supported.

27:33 - Tinder Cricket Club.

30:00 - Leigh was piiiooossseed.

33:59 - Ray Warren.

38:00 - Ray Warren and Phil Gould.

40:44 - Fictionary.

47:29 - You're in for a Tweet.

Thank you to Tim Franklin for coming on the podcast and make sure you follow his journey here:


Also a shout out to the YouTube channel 'Greatest Game of All' who put together a cracking list of Ray Warren and Phil Gould's best interactions. You can check that video out here.

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