130. Good Chat: Daniel Rich


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Daniel Rich is an AFL superstar and has played for the Brisbane Lions for over 10 years now. He has amassed more than 250 games in that time and is a pivotal member of the Brisbane Lions backline which has been formidable across the past three seasons.

This how the chat went!

4:00 - Playing for the Brisbane Lions at the moment.

5:58 - Getting drafted.

9:40 - Who provides the most laughs?

13:00 - Jumping on the Brisbane Lions bandwagon.

16:00 - Changing positions.

18:30 - Disappearing All Australian Blazer.

21:00 - Losing Finals.

23:42 - Thirteen Pre-seasons.

30:13 - Playing footy post career.

34:25 - Golf.

42:47 - Kicking significantly better than everyone.

46:48 - The Miracle on Grass

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