072: Traveling the World while Building Your Portfolio with James Evans


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So how can one travel the globe, enjoy the world sceneries and be with his family 24/7 while still continuing to build his portfolio?

Well, our guest today, James Evans will let us in on the secret on how to accomplish all these!

James Evans is the Owner of Gladstone Capital with 6 years of real estate investing experience with a portfolio consisting of 20 rentals, condo conversions, limited partnerships, and creative joint venture deals.

Episode Highlights:

  • Get to know how James started with his real estate career
  • Listen as James tells us his first investment property story
  • How James builds his portfolio
  • How James acquired confidence after his first deal
  • Biggest takeaways from James’ deals and real estate experiences
  • Making sure you get your “return of headache
  • Talking about the 4-hour work week
  • Traveling the world while in a company - What James had to do to make this a possibility and a reality
  • Negotiating with your boss
  • Negotiating a deal

Connect with James

About Our Guest:

  • Current Real Estate business (Gladstone Capital)
  • Built a portfolio of 20 rental units in Boston / Southern NH
  • Completed / active in joint venture condo development deals (3 unit condo conversion, 8 unit ground-up build)
  • LP in condo conversion and multifamily deals across the US
  • Completed several flips / BRRR / live-in flips while working full time
  • Co-founded Boston Real Estate Guild meetup (200+ members)


I started in real estate by sleeping on a friend’s couch for a year to save up for a downpayment. I bought my first condo in the emerging Boston neighborhood in 2012. Spun that into a 20 unit portfolio using my own money.

Negotiated a 60% working capacity in my current job. Most people either invest as a side business or go full time, this is a bit of a unique hybrid model. I kept my full benefits and have a great balance of predictable salary and w2 income with time to focus on real estate.


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