068: Effectively investing and Managing Properties Remotely with Sensei Gilliland


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Sensei Gilliland graces our show today to talk about his very own proven strategies on how to manage a real estate business… remotely! A very interesting and timely topic, as in our pandemic world today, all aspects of life are starting to be governed by the digital space.

Sensie Gilliland is the founder and president of Black Belt Investors, a consulting and investment firm specializing in the art of creating cash and building wealth through all economic and real estate cycles.

Stay tuned for details about some of his deals, business values and the ultimate question that everybody might be asking him… “Is his name really Sensei?”!

Episode Highlight:

  • Story behind Sensei’s name
  • How did Sensei get into investing

•Systems to use to manage construction remotely and effectively

•How to scope a project

•The importance of property inspection reports

•How checklist makes everything accountable and liable

•The scene of identifying good contractors

•Getting and having the right source for your construction project


About Our Guest:

Sensei Gilliland is founder of real estate education, investment and consulting company Black Belt Investors.

After becoming one of the top ranked martial artists in the country, and establishing a chain of successful martial arts schools, Sensei discovered the huge rewards of investing in real estate for himself in 1995.

After making thousands of dollars on that first deal, he was hooked. He quickly scaled his investments and operations to wholesaling, rehabbing, and turnkey rentals properties. A journey you can read about in his book. You can get a free copy of Remote Rehabs: How to Make Incredible Real Estate Returns in the Best Property Markets, without Lifting a Hammer via Sensei’s website at BlackBeltInvestors.com.

Sensei is credited with founding the west coast’s top ranked real estate investors club, has received the Real Estate Wealth Battalion Award, has been featured on the cover of Real Estate Wealth Magazine, and is regularly sought out for commentary on the market.

Today Sensei is a national speaker, private consultant and active investor who has trained thousands of investors to find their own financial freedom through real estate.


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