328. The Trillion-Dollar Generosity Gap + Re-Envisioning the Donor Advised Fund - Adam Nash


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Meet Adam. He believes everyone can be a philanthropist, and he’s on a mission to reenvision donor-advised families to be a tool for everyone. After launching some seriously impressive tech innovations in top leadership positions at Dropbox, LinkedIn and eBay, he turned his sights toward the nonprofit sector. This isn’t your grandma’s donor-advised fund. Daffy is changing the landscape of giving by helping people be more generous, more often.


  • Overview of Daffy
  • Opportunities for nonprofits with DAFs
  • The Trillion-Dollar Generosity Gap
  • Daffy for Families (⬅️ involving kids in the gifting process - swoon!🥰)

Today’s Guest
Adam Nash, Founder + CEO, Daffy
Episode Highlights

  • Adam’s story and journey to where he is today (4:50)
  • Overview of Daffy (5:00)
  • Overview of Donor Advised Funds + Adam’s experience (7:30)
  • Impact Uprising (11:00)
  • Opportunity for nonprofits today (12:00)
  • The Trillion Dollar Generosity Gap + How Daffy is addressing it (17:00)
  • The Giving Goal at Daffy (22:00)
  • Features of Daffy (24:00)
  • New family feature (36:00)
  • A powerful story of philanthropy in Adam’s life (37:00)
  • Adam’s One Good Thing: If things are important to you, name them and know them. (45:00)
  • How to connect with Adam and Daffy (49:00)

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