Transitioning to Director of Facilities in Horticulture With Bryan Garza of Filoli


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Bryan Garza is the Director of Facilities at Filoli, a National Trust historic house, garden, and nature preserve. As the overseer of Filoli’s infrastructure and property, Bryan supports the activities of all operations and programs. He leads an innovative team that focuses on high-quality solutions while maintaining national standards for historic preservation. Before joining Filoli, he served as the Technology Project Manager for the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

In this episode…

Are you interested in a career in facilities management? Do you have a background in horticulture and think you can rise to the challenge?

Consult with Bryan Garza, a skilled facilities manager with a background in horticulture and project management. Bryan fell in love with Filoli’s nature preserve and now lives and works on site. His passion for nature allows him to excel as Director of Facilities, where he continuously works to gain additional knowledge of the horticulture industry. Bryan will teach you how to gain the skills needed for a successful career in facilities management.

In this episode of Watching Paint Dry, Greg Owens sits down with Bryan Garza, Director of Facilities at Filoli, to discuss how facilities management and horticulture can build off one another. Bryan will divulge how he became Filoli’s new Director of Facilities, the management style he uses to maintain Filoli’s historic site, and the problem-solving skills he uses to innovate and maintain the historic premises.

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