Growing Your Entrepreneurial Skills with Mark Schmidt, Owner of Unicorn Group


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Mark Schmidt is the Owner of Unicorn Group, a company that provides professional print-to-mail solutions for local businesses and nonprofits. After working in the corporate world for 12 years and completing his MBA in marketing, Mark began his entrepreneurial career by purchasing a local business: Unicorn Printing. To take it further, Mark purchased two direct mail marketing companies, Guarantee Mailing Services and Mail Communications, and consolidated these three companies into Unicorn Group.

At Unicorn Group, Mark and his team help businesses and nonprofits save time, make money, and get better results. In 2011, Unicorn Group was named San Rafael’s Small Business of the Year.

In this episode…

Being an entrepreneur requires problem solving, creativity, and the desire to learn. But what resources are out there to keep developing on both a personal and professional level? And how can you build a career in any industry—even when you don’t have prior knowledge?

Before Mark Schmidt began his career in the printing industry, he worked in the chemical engineering and marketing fields. But this didn’t slow him down: because of his wide range of experience, Mark knows how to continue challenging yourself as a leader and entrepreneur no matter what industry you’re in.

In this episode of Watching Paint Dry, Greg Owens sits down with Mark Schmidt, Owner of Unicorn Group, to talk about the ways you can grow as an entrepreneur. Mark discusses new technologies, the most effective ways to challenge yourself, and how to bring creativity into the workplace. He also shares insight from his own experience as he leads, learns, and innovates within the printing industry. Stay tuned.

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