Finding Your Career Path in the Maritime Industry with Peter Belden, Operations Manager at Blue & Gold Fleet


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Peter Belden is the Operations Manager at Blue & Gold Fleet, a ferry and water excursion company that has been serving San Francisco Bay for over 40 years. In 1979, Blue & Gold Fleet began cruising the San Francisco Bay with only three passenger vessels from PIER 39’s West Marina. Since then, the company has expanded to include commuter ferries between Alameda, Oakland, San Francisco, and Vallejo.

In 2012, Blue & Gold Fleet was selected to operate the San Francisco Bay Ferry System by the Water Emergency Transportation Authority. The company is now the largest ferry and land tour transportation provider for San Francisco Bay’s commuters, residents, and visitors.

In this episode…

What career opportunities are in the maritime industry? How is the industry evolving from generation to generation?

As someone who transitioned from captain to the head of facility operations, Peter Belden knows how the maritime industry works. There’s an abundance of companies looking to hire new talent and there are many job opportunities, from entry-level positions to senior engineers. According to Peter, some of the best captains started out as deckhands and worked their way up through experience and mentorship. Want to learn more about starting your journey in the maritime industry?

In this episode of Watching Paint Dry, Greg Owens is joined by Peter Belden, Operations Manager at Blue & Gold Fleet, to talk about careers, challenges, and changes happening within the maritime industry. Peter shares how his company is managing rules and regulations with the public, the next big things happening within the industry, and how you can begin your career. Stay tuned!

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