Embracing and Servicing the HVAC Industry with Joe Williams, President of Package Unit Pros


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Joe Williams is the President of Package Unit Pros, a company of commercial light HVAC experts. Their focus on light commercial HVAC removes additional worries and overstretched responsibilities, solely focusing on what they do best: giving their customers direct consultation and maintenance on the units needed. Joe has worked in the construction and HVAC for more than 20 years, designing and overseeing projects of up to $1 million.

Before Package Unit Pros, he was the General Manager at a mechanical contracting company.

In this episode…

Service is the basis of every industry. From fashion to HVAC, these industries are built on performing expert services to benefit and enhance their customer’s lives. Joe Williams, President of Package Unit Pros, is no stranger to providing brilliant client services—and he believes that doing one thing well is the key to success.

In the week's episode of Watching Paint Dry, host Greg Owens sits down with Joe Williams, President of Package Unit Pros. They discuss the benefits of trade as a career path, how Package Unit Pros has adjusted their business to keep their customers and employees safe, and the importance of small business in reviving the economy. Joe also shares his advice for anyone interested in the construction or HVAC industries. Stay tuned.

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