Collaboration, Communication, and a Team-Centered Approach with Alyssa Cooper, Manager of Facilities and Asset Management at Philz Coffee


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Alyssa Cooper is the Manager of Facilities and Asset Management at Philz Coffee. Alyssa has been in the facilities management industry since 2013, where she began her career as a Facilities Coordinator for The Taubman Company. She sharpened her expertise in facilities management as the Repair and Maintenance Analyst for Gymboree and the Facilities Maintenance Coordinator at Cycle Gear Inc. before joining Philz Coffee. Alyssa is skilled in project management, departmental goal-setting, and advanced problem solving.

In this episode…

The facilities management industry is more than just maintenance and project management; collaboration and team support are important aspects of any facilities management role. So, how exactly can a facilities manager help your company? And how can you get your foot in the industry’s doorway?

With experience on both the facilities management side and retail side of operations, Alyssa Cooper’s approach is people-oriented. What does this mean? You have to be an advocate for your vendors and a support system for your whole team. And, when you position people first, the industry will reward you.

Listen to this week’s episode of Watching Paint Dry, as Greg Owens talks with Alyssa Cooper, Manager of Facilities and Asset Management at Philz Coffee, about the detailed roles within the facilities management industry. Alyssa discusses Philz’s development through the pandemic, what she has learned throughout her career, and her advice for anyone looking to get their start as a facilities manager. Stay tuned.

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