Automating Your Contract Pricing With Keith Ryan, Co-Founder and CEO of ScanQuo


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Keith Ryan is the Co-founder and CEO of ScanQuo, a leading software that is transforming the way pricing is handled in facilities management. After 32 years of working in the cleaning industry, Keith discovered that there was no consistency or accuracy with contract pricing. So, he teamed up with Jeffrey Teglas to create ScanQuo and provide accurate measurements, avoid underpricing or overpricing, and allow businesses to save significantly.

Before starting ScanQuo, Keith worked in various management positions at Kier Group, NationwideFM & BBCS cleaning, OCS Group UK, and Xcell Cleaning.

In this episode…

Are you exhausted from spending too much time pricing contracts? Do you wish there was an easier way to analyze the cost of your work? With his company, ScanQuo, Keith Ryan is making contract pricing effortless for businesses in the cleaning and facilities management industries.

ScanQuo is getting more scientific about pricing. Using 3D scanning technology, the software takes into account a building’s internal DNA, allowing for a more accurate pricing algorithm. Plus, ScanQuo is fully automated; what used to take months to finalize can now be completed in minutes! Now, Keith is here to share all of the details behind the software.

In this episode of Watching Paint Dry, Greg Owens and Katrina Stephenson are joined by Keith Ryan, the Co-founder and CEO of ScanQuo, to talk about how the company is transforming pricing models in the facilities management space. Keith explains the benefits of the software, discusses his hopes for the future of the business, and talks about how technology is changing facilities management operations for the better. Stay tuned to learn how ScanQuo can help your company!

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