5 Life-Or-Death IFAK Mistakes [WL 382]


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Okay, warriors, I have a question for those of you have a gun, or a knife, or any other weapon for personal defense.
How many times have you actually ever been in a life or death attack scenario...
...where you actually had to draw your weapon and defend yourself?
Okay, compared to that, how many times have you been in a situation where there was an INJURY of some kind?
(An injury you sustained, or an injury someone else had... maybe even a life-threatening one.)
Well, the chances of you getting hurt, or encountering someone who's been hurt, is MUCH higher than you actually getting into a shoot-out or a knife fight...
...which is why I say the #1 MOST overlooked piece of daily carry gear, that everyone should have on hand but DOESN'T, is hands down...
An Individual First Aid Kit, or IFAK.
In this this week's podcast episode, I talk to Brian McLaughlin from Mountain Man Medical about how and why an IFAK can make the difference between living and dying after an accident or attack. When YOU are the only medic on the scene, and possibly the only one who can save your own life (or the life of someone you care about), you've got to know what's IN your IFAK... and how to USE it... in order to save the day.

Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • The biggest mistake everyone makes when it comes to their IFAK.

  • The piece of commonly available equipment that will get you KILLED if you use it.

  • The FIRST thing that fails on any medical kit.

  • And much, much more!

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Share your tips, tricks, and thoughts with me... and help us build our Warrior Life community.

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