Episode 5: Planted in Miami with Alex + Jeanette Ruiz


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Trailblazers. That is the word that immediately comes to mind when thinking of my next two guests, Alex and Jeanette Ruiz. This (plant) power couple have been changing the way Miamians view the vegan lifestyle for the past three years. As hosts of a top-rated local podcast, Planted in Miami, Alex and Jeanette have been inspiring and educating locals through their platform and advocacy. These guys are awesome and a big inspiration for this podcast. In today's episode we talk about a range of Miami centric topics, including what it was like “coming out” as vegan in Miami…as Latinos. Let’s just say there was a learning curve for abuela. For show notes and more on Alex and Jeanette, make sure visit: www.wakingupinthe305.com

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