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I've been very busy with grandkids, with work (even though I'm 90% retired from our family business), and with getting ready for winter which will arrive soon enough. Our house is in a wooded area and the leaves are changing color and falling like rain every time the wind blows.
But it's time for another podcast, and I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I'll never run out of phrasal verbs for you to study. And the bad news is that I'll never run out of phrasal verbs for you to study. So I hope you enjoy them!
Here are some sentences with the phrasal verb “take.”
1. Take apart (disassemble)
The little boy took apart his father’s lawn mower, but then he couldn’t put it back together.
2. Take off
The airplane took off at 9:30 in the morning. (Lifted off)
He took off his socks and shoes. (Remove)
Mr. Jones took the dirty dishes off the table. (Remove from)
3. Take out (put outside)
Please take out the trash.
4. Take up (begin, start)
Every year she takes up a new hobby. This year she’s learning to sew her own clothes.
5. Take it out on (get mad at, punish for)
Hey, don’t take it out on me! It’s not my fault you lost your job!
6. Take after (resemble, be similar to)
He really takes after his father. They both love new technology. They’re always buying the latest gadgets.
7. Take up with (associate with, be friendly with)
He went off to college and took up with a bad group of students who never studied.
8. She has two jobs now so all her time is taken up with work. (Busy with)
9. Take over (take control, buy out)
Big companies often take over small ones.
10. Take down
They took down every word of the professor’s speech. (Wrote down)
11. Take down: After the fire, workmen came and took down the remains of the building. (Remove, separate into pieces)
12. Take down: After the wedding, the tent was taken down.
13. Take across (to convey something from one place to another)
I rented a truck to transport our furniture across the country.
14. Take across
The boat took us across the lake.
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