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If you can, watch and practice with one or more of these youtube lessons before you do my podcast. It will help you a lot!
Practicing the American r
Make the American r sound
How to make the r consonant
R in English
Practice with the “r” sound.
A - At the beginning of words:
1. He has a red rock.
2. That apple is rotten.
3. His name is Rodger.
4. I have a new radio.
5. John lives on a ranch.
6. She has three chickens and a rooster.
7. Pentagons are not round.
8. Sophie has a pet rabbit.
9. He’s a fast runner and he won the race.
10. Remember to pay the rent.
B - Words with “R” inside them.
11. She was very sorry.
12. John puts syrup on his pancakes.
13. His birthday party was last week.
14. One, two, three.
15. Please sharpen the pencils.
16. George is a smart boy.
17. I like to eat tangerines.
18. She lives in South America.
19. I’ll never forget you!
20. First, second, third, “bird” is a word.
C - Words ending in “r”.
21. Please roll your window down. I like fresh air in the car.
22. Does your ear hurt?
23. Have no fear, my dear.
24. Do you ever shut the door?
25. Would you like a beer?
26. I’ve been waiting for an hour.
27. She likes to stare at my hair.
28. A butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker.
29. The author gave no answer.
30. He has a good sense of humor.
D - More practice!
31. I wanted to catch the raccoon but it climbed higher.
32. The brown rat raced across my living room.
33. There’s something rotten in Denmark.
34. I’m neither rich nor poor.
35. The greased pig wriggled and ran away.
36. I prefer to borrow a hammer.
37. I heard that life was not fair, and that has been my experience.
38. Nicholas was the last Czar of Russia.
39. A brown badger entered his dark burrow wearing only his fur.
40. The princess entranced the poor prince, so he proposed marriage. However, she turned down his proposal. Rejected, he ran away and never returned.
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