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Note: Unaccented syllables in English are normally pronounced with the infamous "Schwa" sound. Using the phonetic alphabet, this sound is written /ə/. The word "banana" would be written /bənænə/ with the stress or accent on the second syllable. Languages like Spanish keep vowel pronunciation the same whether syllables are stressed or not. Ask a native Spanish speaker to say "platano" and listen carefully to the vowels in each syllable. None of them change into a schwa sound. And that makes Spanish easier to learn than English, in my opinion. :)
1. What does the word cooperate mean? (What is the definition of "cooperate"?)

2. To cooperate means to get along, to work together.

3. Let's cooperate.

4. It was a mistake to cooperate with them.

5. Do you think we should cooperate with them?

6. We have to cooperate. We have no alternative.

7. "Every man for himself" is not an example of cooperation.

8. When you plan an outdoor picnic, the weather may not cooperate.

9. Did you send in your college application?

10. Did you submit your college application?

11. When did you turn in your college application?

12. Are you having difficulty with your college application?

13. What is that thing you're holding? It's a combination lock.

14. How does a combination lock work?

15. Ah, good question. Instead of a key, a combination lock has a dial with numbers.

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