Phrasal forms of COME - part 3 (intermediate/advanced)


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Here’s part three, and the last part, of phrasal verbs based on the verb to come.
51. Come in = arrive
Look, there’s Susan! Her train must have come in early.
52. Come in = enter
Please come in and make yourselves comfortable.
53. Come from = Have as one’s birth place
Peter comes from Russia and Anna comes from Germany.
54. Come for = Search for in order to catch
The police came for him in the middle of the night.
55. Come down with = to get sick with
I have a sore throat and a runny nose. I think I’m coming down with a cold.
56. Come down to = depend upon in the end
The election in Canada will come down to the voters in Quebec.
57. Come down on = punish
Our company comes down very severely on employees who lie about their vaccine status.
58. Come down = return from a state of high emotions
It took her a while to come down from winning the US Open tennis championship.
59. Come down = pass through time
This scrapbook came down to me from my great grandmother.
60. Come down = reach a decision
I’m not sure how the company’s owners will come down on whether or not to sell.
61. Come down = decrease
I wish food prices would come down. They’re too high right now!
62. Come down = bring down, demolish
That building was so damaged by the earthquake that it had to come down.
63. Come down = descend, fall, collapse
Be very careful when you come down from the summit of Mount Everest.
64. Come by = come near, visit
Please come by and see us the next time you’re in town.
65. Come by = obtain, get
He has a Porsche? Wow! Those aren’t easy to come by.
66. Come between = negatively affect a relationship
My sister and I have been close since we were young children. Nothing can come between us.
67. Come before = precede
13 comes before 14 when you’re counting up. And 18 comes before 19.
68. Come before = be judged by
Because of Alan’s poor behavior, he will come before the school principal.
69. Come before = be more important than
Taking care of your sick father comes before taking a vacation.
70. Come before = appear in front of someone of greater importance
The Queen of England will never invite me to come before her.
71. Come back = return
I rushed home to get my lunch and then I came back to work.
72. Come back = return to a former state of being
He looked terrible when he went on vacation but he came back looking rested and happy—fit as a fiddle!
73. Come back = to remember
He lost his memory after the accident, but one day it all came back to him: his name, who he was, his whole life!
74. Come at = attack
The crazy guy came at me with a knife so I grabbed a chair and knocked him out.
75. Come away = separate
The bread has started to come away from the bread pan.
76. Come apart = break, separate
When I picked up the ancient book, it started to come apart in my hands.
77. Come along = make progress
Now that I’m married to a woman from Peru, my Spanish is really coming along.
78. Come along = accompany
I’m taking my grandchildren to the playground. Would you like to come along?
79. Come after = follow, to succeed
Which President came after George Washington?
80. Come after = follow, pursue
My dog knew I had tasty snacks for him, so he came after me with enthusiasm.
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