More practice with "to do" (Beginner)


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In this podcast you'll get more practice with the verb "to do".
Grammar note: In English you cannot ask "Speak you French?" or "Have you a dog?" This form is possible in Spanish and French and German, to name three examples, but it is NOT correct in English. In English we use the verb "to do" to ask these questions.
1. Do you like pizza? I LOVE pizza!
2. Do you speak French? No, I don't. [Don't = do not.]
3. Do you have a dog? Yes, I do.
4. Do you drink coffee? Yes, every morning.
5. Do you need help? Yes, I do. Thanks!
6. Do you still work at a bank? No, I have a different job now.
7. Does your sister like to cook? Yes, she does.
8. Does your father look like you? Yes, he does.
9. Does this car belong to her? No, it doesn't. [Doesn't = does not]
10. Does Joan have any brothers or sisters? Yes, she does. One of each. ["One of each = one brother and one sister.]
11. Does your uncle live in London? No, he doesn't. He lives in Germany now.
12. Does this store open at 9am? No, it doesn't open till 10.
13. Do William and Mary live in the United States? Yes, they do. They live in Pennsylvania.
14. Do those kids like to play basketball? Yes, they play every day.
15. Do Jane and her mother like to travel? Yes, they do. Next year they’re going to Spain.
16. Do those men speak French? Yes, they do.
17. Do we have time to eat before the train arrives? Yes, we do. We have almost two hours.
18. Do we have to take the dog out for a walk? Yes, unless you want him to pee in the house…
19. Sometimes we do things because we have to.
20. Do you kids listen to your teachers? Yes, daddy, we do. Usually.

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