More practice with the past tense (-ed making the /t/ sound)


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In all the examples of the past tense in this podcast, “ed” is pronounced with a /t/ sound. I’ll start by reading the first ten verbs as a warmup. I'll repeat each verb three times. Listen for the /t/ sound at the end.
Licked, nicked, popped, laughed, wrecked, packed, picked, jacked, mocked, perished.
Now listen and repeat.
1. My dog licked my face.
2. I nicked my finger with a knife.
3. The balloon popped and the baby laughed.
4. Martin wrecked my car.
5. She quickly packed her suitcase.
6. We picked strawberries all day.
7. I jacked up my car to fix a flat tire.
8. Mary mocked me for my accent.
9. The explorer perished in the desert.
10. My sister cooked some scrambled eggs.
11. My father hooked a fish.
12. I fished for six hours.
13. It was hot. I wiped my face with a towel.
14. John biked to work.
15. The frog hopped across the street.
16. Water dripped from the trees.
17. Careful! You almost stepped on a nail.
18. He tipped over his king and said, "You win.” [Game of chess.]
19. She mixed up some batter and made pancakes.
20. The baby touched me and poked me.
21. Susan washed the dishes.
22. He stacked the boards in a neat pile.
23. George watched me paint the kitchen.
24. She pronounced the words correctly.
25. He announced the winning lottery number.
26. Bobby stretched before jogging.
27. She maxed out her credit card. [To “max out” is to go to or past the limit. If your credit card limit is $1000 and you spend $1100, your card is maxed out.]
28. Mr. Smith faxed me the contract.
29. She pursed her lips.
30. The Navy ship stopped the pirates.
Need to translate any of the sentences? I like deepL.
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