It's not so easy to pronounce 'psychiatrists'


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Psychologists and. psychiatrists
Here are some sentences to help you practice the words psychologist and psychiatrist, as well as related words like psychological, psychiatric, psychology, and psychiatry.
1. My brother is a psychologist.
2. My sister is a psychiatrist.
3. Normally a psychologist can not prescribe medications.
4. Psychiatrists are doctors. They can prescribe medications.
5. I am majoring in psychology at the university. I want to become a psychologist.
6. Marjorie wants to be a psychiatrist after she finishes medical school.
7. The doctor said his pain was psychological.
8. Do you have a psychiatric condition?
9. The psychiatrist said Jane was suffering from bipolar disease.
Here is a word used in psychology: "phobia", which means "fear". Fear of the dark, for example, is officially called "nyctophobia." "Monophobia" or "autophobia" is fear of being alone.
There are lots of phobias. Here's one more: glossophobia, or fear of public speaking.

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