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This episode was to drop last week, so some of the things mentioned may refer to past tense as if it was this week. Apologies. Subscribe to the patreon for full video ! https://www.patreon.com/Vontenyc?fan_landing=true Welcome back a friend of the show, MontDadTv. We talk about his poplin Halloween Party: Trick or Treesh + how I spent that weekend (2:58). Mont Bolton? Being an actor/performer in HS (6:00). 2014 (10:02). Crocs are standing the test of time (12:22). Getting compared to peers (14:30). FOMO on a “bad life” + getting kicked outta school (15:45). Parties are the plug (18:55). Getting back hacked Instagrams (19:30). Mont has a tv show that I’m on and didn’t even know! (24:40). Working with a delivery service that saves restaurants money with all meals being $7-$9! (26:55). Getting into music + being a good kid with anger issues. (29:00). Slow bop + the merch/porn star convention (32:00). Don’t rush the process (38:00). Wanting to work w. Jamie Foxx + more ! Follow us on social media Instagram.com/vontenyc Instagram.com/montdadtv2 We dont have a mix this week, but check out Lyrical Flexercise Cypher volume 6 out now! https://youtu.be/aGyvYQvhsHc

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