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Today I sit down with recording artist Elroy Jetson He is here promoting his album, “When you win, Nothing hurts” Talking about why Queens artists get overlooked (3:00) quick Verzuz recap (4:15) collaboration projects. (6:05) Realizing music was his outlet. (8:30) having multiple sounds is one of the most important thing in music (10:00) can everyone in the team do music? (12:30) How he chose the track listing and more about his new tape (14:00) Post album promotion is important (18:20) Learning outside of the education system (20:00) politics and the elephant in entertainment (25:00) How do people get away with blatantly stealing someone’s sound. (27:00) Elroy Jetson, the actor? (28:12) coming up with the stage name. (33:00) WHEN YOU WIN, NOTHING HURTS OUT NOW BY ELROY JETSON OUT ANY SECOND! Be sure to tap in Follow us on social media Instagram.com/elroyjetson_ Instagram.com/vontenyc Mix by Selecta Sha! Stay safe.

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