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On today’s I have a few special guests, Stone Harden, QuiseEntertainment, and MontDad TV. Studio insider. Don’t mind me lol (:55). Introducing the guests of the guest, viral sensations QuiseEntertainment & MontDad TV (1:30). Stone Harden talks being on tour (2:30). We talk about his self-titled debut tape (4:01). The trio talks their hilarious link ups in college (5:51). Anticipating the rest of the year (7:30). How women and the wrong crowd led to his Break in music (9:10). How Stone feels about today’s music game (13:28). Investing is the future (20:10). Virtual show on ‘Sessions Live’ coming soon (23:07). Acting, and being on Wu Tang & Power Season 3: Raising Kanan (26:20). “Blue checks” don’t bring anyone out to shows (37:00). PREACH! (41:01). Hilarious story about how Quise and MontDad’s antics led to Stone Harden having to change his stage name (43:45). Follow us on social media! Instagram.com/StoneHarden Instagram.com/QuiseEntertainment Instagram.com/Montdadtv2 Instagram.com/vontenyc Mix by Selecta Sha Instagram.com/selectasha98 This podcast is sponsored by Essentials From Earth! Instagram.com/essentialsfromearthbk Get 15% off your first order by using promo code ‘VONTENYCPOD’ https://essentials-from-earth-bk.myshopify.com Have a great memorial weekend! Stay safe.

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