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On Today’s episode, we sit down with music artist, and Superman for our people, F.L.O.W. Remembering DMX (1:01). Welcome to our guest! (5:30). #standwithjennifer (06:26). Following a life altering experience (11:00). Uncrustables, cut the check! (12:45). Behind the acronym F.L.O.W. (15:35). Getting inspired by Lauryn Hill, and behind the music. (17:10). Why I have beef w. Lauryn Hill (21:30). The new project is 98% done! (25:30). Being an artist and if concept albums are his niche (29:00). We discuss clubhouse, and Flow Nightly Network (33:00). BUY BLACC and how community outreach and participation is important. (42:50). & Please tell Ash her hive name is horrible! Lol (53:00) Make sure to stream “I learned from Lauryn” and the rest of F.L.O.W.‘s music streaming everywhere! Be sure to follow Flow Nightly Network on clubhouse! Follow us on social media! Instagram.com/flow349 Twitter.com/flow349 Instagram.com/vontenyc Instagram.com/ashDollas_ Mix by Selecta Sha Instagram.com/selectasha98 This podcast is sponsored by Essentials From Earth! Instagram.com/essentialsfromearthbk Get 15% off your first order by using promo code ‘VONTENYCPOD’ https://essentials-from-earth-bk.myshopify.com

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