209: Advocating for Underestimated Communities with Chanda Smith Baker


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Chanda Smith Baker has over 20 years of experience working in, for, and with underestimated communities. In 2017, Chanda joined The Minneapolis Foundation as the Senior Vice President of Impact where she oversees the Foundation’s grantmaking programs, provides strategic direction to community initiatives and partnerships, and is the event and podcast host of the award-winning Conversations with Chanda. Previously, Chanda served at Pillsbury United Communities where she led the complex community-based nonprofit to pursue bold strategies to address systemic inequities. She spent 17 years at the organization and served in a variety of leadership positions before assuming the role of President and CEO in 2011. Under her leadership as CEO, the organization launched several impactful efforts such as the purchase and relaunch of North News and the opening of North Market, a full-service grocery store in North Minneapolis.

In addition to Chanda’s civic leadership being recognized with a variety of awards and commendations, she has served on numerous nonprofit and philanthropic boards throughout her career. Chanda is a proud native and current resident of North Minneapolis.

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