163: Is Your Tone Influential?


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A few episodes ago, we talked about why it’s important to simplify your expertise so that people who don’t share your knowledge of a subject can care about what you have to say. In last week’s episode, I spoke with marketing consultant, Wes Gay, about practical steps that subject matter experts can take to cut the jargon and speak clearly so people will listen,

In continuing with this theme, I’m now discussing some mistakes experts make that end sabotaging their message by making other people feel dumb.

In this episode, I share how my 13-year-old daughter’s hatred for people who talk down to her because of her age is a perfect lesson in how to talk to your audience, how talking down to your audience is disrespectful to them, why you should use your “normal” voice when talking to your audience, the reasons I sometimes don’t talk in my normal voice, why your tone is just as important as your words, and more.

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