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What may be categorized as appropriate vs inappropriate behaviour at work?

When should organizations think about POSH or prevention of sexual harassment policies at the workplace?

How should people managers make workplaces safer & how can they deal with layoffs?

On this episode of our special people & HR series we discuss psychological and physical safety, sexual harassment policies in workplaces, dealing with layoffs & more.

Our guest is Ms Jahanara Pathan, founder of the J Edfication, a corporate training and consultancy service providing organization having worked with clients like Mahindra, Britannia, Max Insurance, Flipkart, L&T etc. She is a trainer, coach, educator and collaborations expert.

She is also the co-host of Linked In Local, Pune, and has worked across diverse industries within the HR space including being the Head of Branding at Poona College in the past.

Hear her talk about:

(02.30) - Prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace- for all genders- an introduction- what you must know

(06.00) - When should organizations start thinking of having sexual harassment prevention or posh act

(08.00) - Dealing with hate online and cyber safety virtually/remotely + anonymous safety surveys for staff members

(12.00) – Implied sexually unsafe behaviour- stories & situations

(16.00) - Dealing with unsafe environments in organizations as an employee

(18.00) - picking non-verbal cues and tones of passing unsafe remarks

(20.00) - the subjective vs objective approach in dealing with unsafe behaviour

(22.00) - How can daily wage workers be safeguarded

(24.00) - Dealing with uncertainty of employment security

(25.30) - Handling layoffs - psychological event for employers and employees

(29.00) - Taking internal polls to make job security a norm

(30.00) – Helping team members grow for building loyalty and trust

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