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When it comes to navigating CBD and medical marijuana, the options can be overwhelming. In many ways, the cart is before the horse. And, it’s already bursting at the seams. Research has been trying to catch up, with recent advancements showing the potential benefits as well as the drawbacks of cannabis. Scientists and physicians are quickly realizing that CBD and medical cannabis might just reclaim a useful place in medicine.

What we do know is that there are many nuances. It is not a panacea, but there seem to be positive benefits if applied appropriately in the right conditions. Cannabis has been used in medicine for thousands of years, but to more fully understand the plant’s complexities, more clinical studies are necessary.

Pain management, sleep, anxiety, mood, nausea, skin conditions, women’s health, and neurological conditions are just some of the areas where research is pointing. Combining the different cannabinoids (CBD, THC, CBD, CBN, and more) with a diverse array of terpenes and flavonoids, allows for a personalized approach to capture the beneficial effects. However, the dosage and route of delivery must be optimized to the individual’s condition.

Dr. Mikhail (Misha) Kogan MD, an expert in integrative and functional medicine, is leading the professional discussion in the field of medical cannabis. He serves as the medical director of the George Washington University Center for Integrative Medicine, Associate Professor of Medicine George Washington University, the founder and executive director of the AIM Health Institute and a founding board member of the American Board of Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Kogan has recommended medical marijuana to thousands of patients and frequently lectures to professional audiences across the world on medical cannabis. And he’s here today so YOU can begin to understand what the data currently shows on medical cannabis and to chat about his new book Medical Marijuana: Dr. Kogan’s Evidence-based Guide to the Health Benefits of Cannabis and CBD.

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Dr. Kogan’s Evidence-based Guide to the Health Benefits of Cannabis and CBD: Foreword by Andrew Weil

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