Brittyn King | Maternal Fitness Expert on Postpartum Anxiety


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Chances are you’ve heard of the baby blues or postpartum depression. But postpartum anxiety (PPA) is an invisible epidemic among American mothers. Nearly 10% of new mothers in the US struggle with PPA. And that number is likely much higher, as many women do not seek help because they do not recognize the need for treatment and care providers often misdiagnose as depression. Unfortunately, there are few resources on maternal mental wellness, but education for mothers and their support network is critical. The good news is PPA is treatable when recognized. Today we're joined by a fitness expert with firsthand knowledge of PPA, and she's advocating for mothers everywhere.

Brittyn King is a marketing professional, certified fitness instructor and rising leader in the maternal fitness community. She’s on a mission to help women feel capable and confident in living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. She’s championing women – mothers – across the globe to live their strongest lives before, during and after pregnancy. Brittyn joins us to chat with YOU about her pregnancy journey – from her pregnancy surprise to her postpartum experience with anxiety and all the things in between – including her diagnosis with PCOS.

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