Episode 128 - When Doves Fly (Cowboy Bebop 6 of 6)


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Join Dennis, Ed, Kate, and Karen as we discuss our final recap episode for Cowboy Bebop. So many new emotions during our entire rewatch, and it all culminates to this one. There's a lot of goodbyes for some of our favorite characters, and unsurprisingly, they hit just as hard emotionally now, if not more than when we first watched the series. Friendship, love, trust, betrayal, family, home, farewells, honor, duty, revenge--and we still have to properly get introduced to Julia, too. Hope you enjoyed rewatching this along with us. And if you don't have Cowboy Bebop in your personal collection, well, you know where to find a copy. You're gonna carry that weight.

We were special guests on The Bebop Beat: A Cowboy Bebop Rewatch Podcast for their Cowboy Funk episode! Go check them out!

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