Is Newsmax Really Super Right Wing? Host Reveals The Truth | Guest Rob Schmitt | Save The Nation Ep. 97


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In this episode, Vince and Jason sit down with Newsmax host Rob Schmitt to discuss the tragedy behind the Uvalde, TX shooting, how Covid is affecting mental health, and Trump's role in the Republican's election success.

Rob Schmitt is an American journalist and news anchor. He is currently the main host for Newsmax TV nightly news program ‘Rob Schmitt Tonight’. Schmitt has previously been a Fox News anchor and cohost and also an anchor for CBS Los Angeles.

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12:00 - How Covid Has Affected The Mental Health Of Americans

19:05 - What It's Like To Get Former Fox Employees On Newsmax

25:50 - The Political Spectrum Of The Newsmax Crew

28:00 - Discussing Trump's Role In Republican Election Success

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