Web3 Series: The Next Chapter for DAOs, Gaming, and Crypto Communities with Jeff Morris Jr.


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Jeff Morris Jr. (@jmj), investor at Chapter One, joins Erik Torenberg and co-host Ian Cinnamon. Takeaways:
- Jeff realized the power of subscriptions during his time at Tinder. He says that digital goods are an even better version of subscriptions.
- Web3 is almost entirely missing mobile usability.
- Crypto apps could add a reputation layer to existing Web2 use cases, like dating apps.
- People are still using Web 2.0 community products to create communities for Web3.
- Web3 games need to move away from speculation and towards building genuine player enjoyment.
- Seed investors need to be creative but also mindful of what other people will invest in. It’s important to understand business models and what is sustainable.
- Corrections help to reset the whole ecosystem.
- It’s hard to unseat the dominant marketplace, whether in Web 2.0 or Web3.
- Crypto is big enough that even if you aren’t a crypto investor, you should be spending some time in the space.
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