Thematic investing in fertility and semiconductor sectors at Recharge, technonationalism, and lessons from David Swensen with Lorin Gu


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Lorin Gu, founding partner of Recharge Capital, joins Olga Serhiyevich, Head of Investor Relations at Village Global to discuss:
- Why Recharge structures its investing thematically, rather than by asset class.
- The three themes that they believe have multi-decade headwinds behind them: semiconductors, women’s health, and fintech/crypto.
- What Lorin learned from working with David Swensen, including the importance of the qualitative measurement of the people running the fund alongside any quantitative analysis of fund strategy.
- How asking fund managers about their motivations and how they make decisions can determine the outcome of an investment.
- The current wave of technonationalism around the globe.
- Lorin's media diet and his interest in art.
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