S6:E8 – Creed – Higher (Official Video)


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The Classic Rock station is on. You don’t know why it’s on. You didn’t turn to it. You thought you were listening to your Bluetooth phone. but it’s there and it’s playing Creed. That Creed song. The song that takes you higher. You start wondering where the time went. Where your friends are. Hey, look at this photograph. No, wait, wrong song. “Higher.” Yes, take me higher. Raise both of those arms wide open. You pull over at the Scot-Stop and get some coffee. The song continues in the store with the low hum from the beer section. The clerk looks at you with a nod. He says he saw Creed back in ’99. You don’t believe him. You know what happened to those who saw the band. You were the lead guitarist Mark Tremonti. It was a mess. You did what Brian Henson told you to do and never spoke of it again. The nightmares speak for you. You bought a boat and thought you could finally find peace. You did not. You got coffee instead.

You get back into the car. You hear a click from the back seat. “Don’t move”, a false baritone voice says. It’s Scott Stapp. You can see in the fuzz growing from his back from the rear-view mirror. You realize the situation now. You never really did leave. No one did.

John Hurst is your host this week and he wants to eat the Fruits of Atlantis. Aaron Littleton is your co-host and he’s now officially licensed to be a co-host!

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