S6:E5 – TWC IntelliStar – 8/12/2005 – 9:28am EDT


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It’s 9:28 AM in Colorado Springs. There is chance of isolated thunderstorms in your neck of the woods. But it’s alright. You’re at home, your belt is off, the fireplace is not on (Because it’s nearly 80 degrees and that seems unwise) and you have the mood lighting all set to low, low, low. You got yourself a hot date between you, a special lady friend, and the weather channel muzak blaring piping hot. It puts you at ease with its tender chords and calm voice explaining the weather for the week. Nothing can go wrong. Nothing, except for the fact that someone has kicked off their call sign on the nearby HAM Radio and are asking for a confirmation. You sigh. You put back on your belt and get in your truck. A day’s work is never truly done.

Aaron Littleton is your host this week and he is being deputized to point out some clouds! John Hurst is your co-host and he’s getting suspenders from the internet, but not of his own volition.

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