S6:E43 – Guy Falling Down Stairs Vine


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Vine was the perfect place to go to watch videos of people falling stairs. That’s why they had to get rid of it. That’s why we’re stuck in the social media migration we’re in now. If we had Vine still none of us would be dealing with that. We’d just be dealing with the sheer amount of injuries we all would have from trying to fall down steps and making Bad Idea Ramen. We’d all have our degrees in Haunting and life would be a utopia. But no, it had to go away. We had to live a normal life. A life outside of six seconds. Tragedy. Pure, Greek tragedy.

Anyway, don’t eat our ramen recipe, for the love of Vine.

Aaron is your host this week and he’s selling certificates from beyond the grave (Your grave, not his; Don’t be silly.) John is your co-skeleton and he’s thankful for that trash by his front door after all.

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