S6:E42 – Love Hina Opening


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You’re working for the Middle State Anime Convention Trading Company. You got a fresh supply of Love Hina‘s taken from Minnesota you’re sending downstream to St. Louis and you get a 10% bonus if it’s out before the imports start making their way to the dockside dealer halls. Life is hard, but it has its ups and down. For every Mazinger there’s a Chargeman Ken, as they say in the industry. Oh so you think they might say. You haven’t stepped off the boat in 20 years. You adjust your reading glasses to read the yellow text at the bottom of the screen. You hope Keitaro chooses Konno. This is the life you lead and you let noone tell you otherwise.

John Hurst is your host today and he’s not going to relive his AMV-making past. Aaron Littleton is your co-host and he’s just an ooolllllllld captain on the river just a-rolling.

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