S6:E38 – “BloodRayne 2” MTV2 Video Mods


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Ah, yes. BloodRayne! The franchise that, much like a vampire, refuses to die. Every once in a while a new game comes out. And it’s alright! Enough to enjoy over a weekend of nothing else to do. But that’s it. Like a vampire, you forget they’re there until it’s too late. Then bam! Another game for you! Or, if you were watching MTV2, maybe a semblance of a music video. We hear that’s all the rage now. Video games *and* music? Now that’s madness. True madness.

John Hurst is your host this week and he’s not sure if he is at a vampire buffet. Aaron Littleton is your co-host and he is not going to listen to the nurse in this instance.

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