S6:E29 – “Your Brain on Drugs” PSA


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This is your brain. This is your brain smashing a pan on things. It feels pretty nice, doesn’t it? Fun even. They don’t need that set after they’re done. They’re going to burn it down. Not even for insurance! Not even for pleasure! They just do it. And then you’re going to go voice act as Tifa Lockhart (Sometimes) like Rachel Leigh Cook does here. Yeah, you didn’t know that connection before now, did you? We didn’t either. Now it’s in your brain. Your brain that is on DRUGS. GET THE EGG. BURN THE EGG DOWN.

Aaron Littleton is your host this week and he’s doing to bare minimum to differentiate himself from the co-host (including not eating the entire sunflower seed.) John Hurst is your co-host and he wants umpires for congress.

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