S6:E25 – Donkey Kong Country TV – “Funky’s Treasure Rap”


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Donkey Kong is trapped. Make no bones about it. The jungle is his hell and he is forced to endure it. His captors: Funky Kong, a Kong that is so funky it does not register on the funkotronic scale, and Diddy Kong, a hellspawn designed by Satan’s intern. Together, they control everything Donkey Kong sees and does. Go on a treasure hunt, Donkey Kong. Dance with us, Donkey Kong. Dig the hole for our glorious leader, Donkey Kong. There is nothing left in the soul of our hero. He is only forced to go on their whims. We, the viewers are trapped as his only companion. Let’s go on this treasure hunt together.

Aaron Littleton is your host this week and he’s got a pocket for all that lotion. John Hurst is your co-host and he is doing the secret handshake to end the podcast while typing this post up because he is very talented.

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