S6:E24 – Thunder Express Dollywood Roller Coaster Ride Along


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It’s 1995. You have found the end of Dollywood. It’s in the woods! Why is it in the woods! You don’t know. You just know it’s looking less like a theme park and more…. Wood-like. There’s an Eagle Sanctuary nearby that says Dollywood and the ride has the Butterfly logo on it, but is that enough to trust it? You think quietly for a moment and think “Yes. If Dolly Parton says it is, then it must be. You know better than to question it. You enter the wooden coaster entrance and grab out your VHS Camcorder. This time, you are going to record it for posterity for the alt.entertainment.rides.coasters usenet. The tapes will circulate very well for such an obscure coaster in East Tennessee and you know it. You hit record. You hear a scream from the nearby Blazing Fury. You know they just dodged death. You smile. Life is good.

John Hurst is your host this week and he’s got the best fastpass options on lock. Aaron Littleton is your co-host and he’s just having one. One!

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