S6:E17 – Kid Cuisine Cheese Blaster Commercial


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Freeze, kids! Don’t you move! This is an emergency! A food emergency! We gotta get you the most non-food content your body can technically digest! Here, suck on this hose full of cheese! Then eat the fruit roll up and corn! Your body will eventually make something that resembles nutrition, but for the sake of all that is Holy, you cannot move. And you definitely cannot eat that brownie. THAT BROWNIE IS LAST FOR A REASON. Didn’t you follow the directions on the– oh god they ate the brownie. Get the penguin. Get the damn penguin! Now!

Aaron Littleton is your host this week and he is worried about when the fruit roll-up comes into play. John Hurst is your co-host and he loves the flavor of yellow Quantum Juice, full of yellow!

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