S6:E16 – Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe 2002 Music Video


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The 90s were a time. Some humans experienced it and it was okay! Other humans did not and that is okay too. Just know that during that time we had a song by Rednex blaming a Cotton-Eye Joe for not being married some long time ago. The good news is that the 00’s also could experience their dismay towards Cotton-Eye Joe, as long as they were inside a fallout shelter. And singing into a light bulb. That’s all they have in the future. Let them have it. We aren’t going to experience that time and it’s okay. Captain Jack will be there to guide us towards the light, though.

John Hurst is your co-host and he is sad that Crazy Frog is Twitter dead. Aaron Littleton is your co-host and he’s getting the special High School ring made.

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