S6:E12 – Hefty, Hefty, Hefty, Wimpy Wimpy 1984


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Behold! Look upon your trash bags and despair at their quality! They are not Hefty brand trashbags so they are INFERIOIR in the eyes of God and all that he holds before him as good and pure. You will not be chosen in the rapture. Nay, he will clean you up in his Hefty-branded trash bag and throw you in the bowels of hell themselves. There, you will have one friend only, a Rat King you cannot get away from. You won’t be able to decide if the Rat King is one friend of many friends because you’ll be screaming. Please enjoy!

John Hurst is your host this week and he’s not going to go look in the tall grass. Aaron Littleon is your co-host and he needs to find a good deal on a snow shovel.

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