S6:E1 – The A-Team TV Theme Tune


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Here in the year Two Thousand and Twenty Two, we at Video Death Loop can never be as cool as people who wreck cars for Hollywood. We especially wouldn’t want to get in the way of those who wrecked Jeeps for the A-Team back in the day, because we’re pretty sure they could still wreck us. We don’t want to run into them in the grocery store and they find a conveinent, highly convoluted way to flip our cart with all our delicious fruits and vegetables over a convienent ramp next to the flowers. We know that way lies madness and damnation. And with madness and damnation comes George Peppard, happily smoking away on a cigar despite the no smoking signs (and alarms) all around him. The A-Team always get their mark. At least we know we’re going to have a kick-ass stunt course to jump through on the way home. Thanks, “_/Stunty69-420”. I’m proud to call you my neighbor.

Aaron Littleton is your host this week and he suddenly realized we do this show without a script. John Hurst is your co-host and he is being very podcast professional to ring in the new year.

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