S5:E40 – Presto SaladShooter Electric Slicer-Shredder Commercial


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Sing it with me, everyone! Salad Shooooooter! Sing it from the top of your lungs into our ears, preferably while you’re making a salad with the toppings of a sald! Get a corded one! Get a cordless one while you’re at it! Use them all Salad Akimbo! Make your co-workers worry at the next potluck from all these casserole style dishes! Forget about it with the rest of your pandemic hobbies! Let it fester in your drawern for 20 years! Suddenly remember it is there! Worry about the lithium ion battery in the cordless one! Now your house is on fire! There’s a lot of key points missing between those last two sentences! Maybe you should have checked the Security Sticker!

Slice or Shred this podcast with a side of non-Romaine lettuce. Enjoy for up to two (2) ears.

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