To Those Who Thrive in The Dark, Ch. 1: "Cuckoo Stone"


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Chapter One: Cuckoo Stone
Do you want to hear a story? You want to know what's wrong with this town? It's not going to start how you expect. We're dealing with old magic here. And we're dealing with cats. Maybe it's time I tell you all about Victoria, the girl who lived her life close to the shadows and didn't realize one of those shadows was getting ready to break free.
Written by Christopher Long
Cast (in order of appearance):
The Waitress / Cuckoo Stone: Cynthia Lowman
Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes: Amber Collins
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Cover Art: Jeanette Andromeda
"The Song of Many Worlds" (Lift Opening Theme), "A Girl Alone", (Victoria's Theme), and The Lift Closing Theme Music were Composed and Recorded by Nico Vettese of We Talk of Dreams
Sound FX:,
Sound Design and Vocal Mix by Davis Walden
Score: Nico Vettese, We Talk of Dreams
Final Mix, 9th Story Studios:
Producer/ Creator: Daniel Foytik
Executive Producers: Amber Collins, Nico Vettese, Jeanette Andromeda
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